We are a Czech company established in the 1990s. Our business activities are carried out in many fields connected with agriculture, food processing, gastronomy, solar energy, project and engineering activities, genetics and beef cattle breeding and development projects in Sri Lanka.




Fruit distillery in Jílové u Prahy – Radlík

The distillery was established in 1998. During its existence it was awarded many prizes at the most prestigious displays of fruit distillates (e.g. Vizovocký košt, Flora Olomouc, Pražský košt, etc.) The distillery produces real fruit distillates primarily from fruit supplied by growers.

“U Bílé Krávy” restaurant

“U Bílé krávy” is a French village-style restaurant specialized in delicacies from beef meat Charolais. We offer various French specialties and steaks from matured beef meat from the Charolais breed. The restaurant is situated close to Wenceslas Square and during its 17-year existence it became an important Prague destination.

Solar energy

We operate a photovoltaic power plant which was built among the first solar power plants in the Czech Republic in years 2007-2009. Due to the relatively high price of solar panels at that time, new technologies optimizing total performance were developed for this solar power plant. We use double axis trackers following the sun position; we increase their efficiency by reflecting sun beams on stainless mirrors. We improve the efficiency of photovoltaic panels by cooling on evaporation principle. We are holders of several patents on these technologies.

Sri Lanka - Development projects

We think that Sri Lanka belongs among the most beautiful countries in the world. After the end of the long-lasting conflict, it is now open to foreign investments and development projects. Projects in Sri Lanka are carried out by our subsidiary company APROS Tropical, s.r.o., which established four joint venture companies with its Sri Lankan partners.

Genetics and beef cattle breeding

Our sister company Natural s.r.o. belongs among the most important beef cattle breeding companies in the Czech Republic. It is also an important exporter of genetic material and it cooperates with leading European breeding companies. The company owns the Bulls artificial insemination centre in Hradišťko pod Medníkem.

Projekční činnost

Project and engineering activities and architecture

Plancom consulting s.r.o., the personally connected project company, cooperates on many important development projects. The DOT architects s.r.o. company is the author of many successful buildings and other designs in architecture.


Publishing house

Our publishing house APROS was the first one in the 1990s which started to publish expert agricultural literature under new conditions. Our publications include Pig small-scale breeding and farming, Beef cattle breeding, Milk cattle breeding, Breeding rabbits for meat, Poultry small-scale breeding and farming and other publications helping with privatization of agriculture, introducing new legislation, veterinary products, animal breeding, etc.




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